Using Human Growth Hormones

Benefits of Using Human Growth Hormones and Its Disadvantages.

HGH is used to increase the height of small children but experts discovered also that it can help adults as well. It is said that HGH can make adults feel younger, healthier and have a more active and better life once they start taking HGH. When a person reaches the age of 30, the production of HGH slows down as a natural part of aging. Using Human Growth Hormones to replenish the lost hormones is effective but are there any pros and cons of it? This is what you are going to learn as you continue reading this article.

Pros of Using Human Growth Hormones.

Pro # 1: You can Choose HGH For Sale by prescription.

This medication is available as somatropin and somatrem. They are both Growth Hormone injectables. Before they are used to treat children who have hormone deficiency but recently adults have started using HGH supplement form to delay their aging process and to increase energy.

Pro # 2: HGH has improved the life of elderly people.

This is according to the developer of GenF20Plus  – Best HGH For Sale – statement by Dr. Steven Lamm. The most important thing in here is that it provides them anti-aging treatments. It supports the frail and elderly by making their bone stronger, repairing their body tissues, healing and improving brain functioning.  HGH on the other hand increases energy and metabolism in general.

Cons of Using Human Growth Hormones.

Con # 1: It may change a person’s quality of life adversely.

According to Mayo Clinic, some studies show that the use of high doses of Human Growth Hormone Injections slightly reduces body fat and that it increases bone density and muscle mass too. These researches are uncertain as to how these changes affect the quality of life and overall strength of an individual. People are hoping that using these supplements will cause them to stay young and energetic but still the ability of HGH to slow down the aging process is not yet clear.

Con # 2: There are risks of using HGH.

Although there are some benefits of HGH, there is also an increase in the risk of cancer. This is according to Dr. Ni. He also stated that he only recommends HGH to those patients who do not respond to diet, nutritional and herbal supplements as well as natural stimulation like exercise and acupuncture.

Con # 3: There are dangers unless one is careful in buying HGH supplements.

Using Human Growth HormonesThere are many products that are sold in the market as growth hormone stimulants but there are no proofs or evidence that’s why you need to watch out. Remember that FDA does not approve HGH supplements before they can be sold. It is better to consult your doctor first before buying any HGH supplement.

According to Dr. Ni there are other ways of stimulating the pituitary gland aside from using human growth hormones. One is through exercise and he also suggests that after exercising, you must eat foods that are rich in gama aminobutyric acid (GABA). This is a good substitute for growth hormone and can be found in soy and other beans, nuts, seeds, eggs and seafood. The mayo Clinic also recommends regular exercise. In this way you can not only save money but can get comparable HGH benefits as well.

Using Growth hormones as drugs, will be pushed as an anti-aging medicine?.

Pfizer drug-maker Company has been testing an experimental drug which they call the capromorelin. This is the latest anti-aging treatment presented by the company which is a growth hormone enhancer. What is does is forcing the body to produce more human growth hormone just as it did during our adolescence age. As we grow from teenage years to young adults, the production of natural growth hormones tend to slow down which are linked with the growth of lean muscle mass and strength. As we grow in years, the secretion or production of human growth hormones gradually decreases. Because of this, our body’s resistance to sickness and aging becomes weaker.

Using Growth hormones as drugs for anti-aging.

The University of Washington/VA Puget Sound Health Care System’s Professor Dr. George Merriam conducted a research on capromorelin. In the research, patients are said to have gained almost three pounds of healthy lean muscle mass in just six months of continuous taking of the drug. The results were great and improvements were achieved in balance, strength and coordination of the body. The said research was conducted under 400 man and women between ages of 65 to 84.

Health Effects of Using Human Growth Hormones Apart from Anti-Aging.

Using Human Growth HormonesIn the study, it is found that low levels of growth hormones are associated with weight bearing exercises like bodybuilding. Doctors and Professionals from The University of Poland says that after studying 134 women between ages of 20 to 102, they found out that those who aged 100 and older are even healthier than their younger counterparts after taking human growth hormones. The older women have lower levels of cholesterol and have better control in their blood sugar.

This only proves that taking human growth hormones regularly is indeed an answer to anti-aging or at least to slow down the aging process. This is not just about the outer youth-ness. But even inner health as well. When there is adequate amounts of human growth hormone in the body, one can achieve energy, vitality, enthusiasm and curiosity like that of a teenage person or even younger.

With human growth hormones, we can enjoy our older years more because we can always do what the youngs do. Thus, we can still enjoy our retirement to the fullest even if we are in our 70’s or 80’s. Imagine still being able to ride a bike or climb a mountain at the age of 80. For sure some people that age would be suffering from joint pains and muscles pains, but for the one taking human growth hormone, it will be very easy.

Before you take any human growth hormone supplements, make sure to consult your doctor first for them to indicate your required dosage so that you can prevent the possible HGH side effects and HGH overdose. This site gives you the Best HGH For Sale online. So do browse all the HGH Supplement Reviews and related HGH Information.

Using Human Growth Hormones

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